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When the safety net breaks, Portland's most vulnerable are left to pick up the pieces

The walls at Safety Net of Oregon, a nonprofit that once helped disabled people manage their federal benefits, are usually covered with collages and fake flowers. But now the plaster walls are bare except for a sign stating that there will be no tolerance for weapons, drugs, alcohol and threatening behavior to staff. There’s also a sign stating that Safety Net will be shutting down April 1. “P.S. This is not an April fool’s joke,” the sign concludes.

Current issue on the streets

It’s not just about the White House, Oregon seats up for vote

Regular readers of our column will know that Partnership for Safety and Justice often writes about voting and why we think it’s so important. During presidential election years, voter interest is usually high and so is voter turnout. But in mid-term election years, like this year, there is no presidential race to get excited about. Lots of folks think “Who cares? This year doesn’t matter.” Voter turnout is traditionally very low. Even lower, however, is voter turnout in primary elections. Voting just isn’t on most folks’ radars this time of year.

For the Record April 11-24, 2014

-Percent of runaway youth served by Multnomah County Runaway Youth Services that are reunited with their families: 85

-Number of passengers PDX received from flights in February: 1,025,571

-Number of flight operations PDX saw in February: 14,877

-Percent of Oregon population that is foreign-born, 2008-2012: 9.8

-Homeownership rate in Oregon, 2008-2012: 62.5

-Percent of cyclists wearing their helmets during the 2012 City of Portland bicycle count: 80

An illustrated outcry: Patients’ stories reach a wider, influential audience painted on the backs of business suits

Regina Holliday wears many hats. She is is an activist, artist, speaker and author. She uses the tools of technology and social media to better understand the patient condition and the landscape of medicine.

But nothing had prepared her for the experience of navigating the nation’s health care system. In 2009, Holliday’s husband, Fred Holliday, died from long-term undiagnosed kidney cancer. It was a catastrophic diagnosis that opened her eyes to the entrenched bureaucracy of our health care system.

Ending homelessness. A pipe dream or a reality?

The following is an excerpt from a speech by Nan Roman, president and CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. The Alliance is a public education, advocacy, and capacity-building organization with a network of more than 10,000 nonprofit, public sector agencies and corporate partners. Roman spoke at the City Club of Portland’s Friday Forum on April 4.

Injury inspires vendor to help others’ lives

It’s not always easy to stay positive when you don’t have a bed to sleep in, a roof over your head, or a job to support you. Evan, however, doesn’t seem to have trouble keeping a smile on his face throughout the short time I sat down to chat with him.

“I know people out there who got it a lot worse than I do,” he says.

April Archives

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When the safety net breaks, Portland's most vulnerable are left to pick up the pieces

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March Archives

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