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Voz loses Catholic funding over solidarity with marriage equality

Voz Workers Rights Education Project, Portland’s day laborer organization, was recently faced with a difficult decision: Either pursue a promising $75,000 grant through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, or forfeit the money and stay in solidarity with equal rights.

It chose equal rights. It was an easy decision for the group, but a tough conclusion to a long relationship.

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Smart money: State Treasurer Ted Wheeler on where to put our tax dollars to work

Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler admits that most Oregonians know very little about what he does — he said even he didn’t know much about the job before he took it. But it’s an important position, and as financial concerns grow across the state, his department has become increasingly high profile.

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Redefining B*tch: Bitch Media’s Andi Zeisler on the new media literacy and the challenges of modern feminism

Andi Zeisler is a co-founder and the creative/editorial director of the Bitch Media group and the magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture. She is the quintessential “bitch” of pop culture. I mean that as a compliment, which can be confusing in today’s convoluted climate of misogynistic social and cultural messages about women, men and the roles we are socialized to play out in our daily lives. Of those who understand this phenomenon, Zeisler is at top of the list.

Timbers’ midfielder, Diego Chara on growing up in a soccer family in Colombia and his new family in Portland

Diego Chara grew up in Cali, Colombia, where from the time he could walk he was kicking a soccer ball. He had good company nearby. His father Jesús played soccer, and he knocked the ball around with his two brothers — Luis Felipe and Yimmy — both of whom are also professional soccer players today.

For the record July 18-31, 2014

-Number of lakes in Oregon: 6,000 (estimated)

-Estimated number of miles of rivers and streams in Oregon: 112,000

-Number of registered campsites in Oregon: 5,900

-Number of state parks in Oregon: 230

-Number of acres that are forested in Oregon: 30 million

-Number of hot springs in Oregon: 16

-Number of brewing companies in Oregon: 173

-Number of bridges in Oregon: 7,000

-Number of covered bridges in Oregon: 53

-Number of lighthouses in Oregon: 9

A homeless “czar” one option to ending homelessness

The Fourth of July has come and gone, and its passing has ushered in the start of summer in Portland.  With summer comes the bounty of fresh local produce, the endless summer nights and evening dinners out on the patio.  Summer also brings with it an increase in people experiencing homelessness as people come to Portland for our temperate summers. The yearly influx of those experiencing homelessness, particularly the kids, serves as our visible and yearly reminder that though our progressive city is dedicated to ending homelessness, we’ve still got a long way to go. 

Hunter S. Thompson’s illustrator, Ralph Steadman, reflects on a life of bad craziness

Ralph Steadman was born in Merseyside in 1936 and grew up in North Wales. He found his calling in a tiny advert for a Percy V Bradshaw illustration course: “You too can learn to draw and earn £££s”. In the 1960s his work appeared in Punch and Private Eye, but it was meeting writer Hunter S. Thompson while covering the 1970 Kentucky Derby that would change his life. The duo’s journalistic adventures, a freewheeling blend of fact and fiction known as Gonzo journalism, influenced a generation of writers and satirists.

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