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Most wanted: Police accountability

The tragedy of the Michael Brown killing is rocking the nation. It should.

For anyone living in an urban environment, especially people of color and the poor — the events of Michael Brown and the community response is not surprising.

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Tiny houses offer vital role in larger housing strategy

Portland is poised to begin the work of building tiny houses. We couldn’t be more excited about the idea.

Tiny houses are small, compact houses, typically around 200 square feet.

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Making an honest dollar

Frank Quiroga’s ultimate goal is to open a Native American restaurant that features the dishes his auntie taught him to make — Indian tacos, fry bread, deer meat, buffalo and seafood.

“I want to … have a story of each tribe’s background and history with a picture of tribe members and their regalia,” he said.

Frank is a member of the Alaskan Native Tlingit tribe and hopes they will help pay for culinary and business management classes, and provide start-up money to open a restaurant.

Ben Parzybok talks “Sherwood Nation,” his sci-fi novel set in a future blighted by climate change

Ben Parzybok’s first novel, “Couch” rose from the primordial sludge of the slush pile at Small Beer Press in 2008. Next month, Parzybok’s second novel, “Sherwood Nation” will be released. He will be reading at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at Powell’s Books on Burnside.

For the Record: Aug 29-Sept 11, 2014

-Number of public skateparks in Portland: 7

-Estimated number of skateboarders in Portland: 27,250

-Cost of fine for skateboarders under age of 16 not wearing a helmet: $25

-Number of participants in Portland Sunday Parkways events in 2013: 85,480

-Number of Sunday Parkways events held in 2013: 4

-Years of operation of Sunday Parkways: 7

-Total number of organizations, businesses and neighborhoods Sunday Parkways worked with in 2013: 468

-Number of volunteers for 2013 Sunday Parkways: 870

Finding solidarity with Ferguson

“Hands up. Don’t shoot. Hands up. Don’t shoot. Hands up. Don’t shoot.”

Starting over with renewed dignity

Wyman Wilson began selling Street Roots two years ago to support his habit, but his first stint with the vendor program didn’t last long. He had his badge pulled when he couldn’t remain sober enough to sell the paper.

It’s not the first job he’s lost due to his addiction, nor is it the first time he’s been clean and sober. But, since August 2013 he has been back to sobriety and since October 2013 he has been back at Street Roots, establishing a turf and a loyal customer base at Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl District, where he can be found most mornings after 10 a.m.

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Tiny houses offer vital role in larger housing strategy

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Most wanted: Police accountability

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