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Oregonian editorial board flip-flops on Section 8 legislation

Street Roots was sad to see the Oregonian editorial board flip-flop on important legislation today for people experiencing poverty in Oregon.

On June, 9, 2012 the Oregonian board supported the legislation put together by Kotek.

"The best approach long-term will combine improvements to neighborhoods now concentrating subsidized housing with the creation of new units in places that have resisted them. To aid in that effort, the Legislature should support Portland Rep. Tina Kotek's drive to require all landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers. And flexibility in residential zoning should be considered as a potentially helpful tool"

Today, the Oregonian editorial board praised Kotek for her efforts, but came out against the Section 8 legislation.

"Speaker Kotek and Commissioner Fish are right to seek a level field for all people who seek shelter and have money to pay for it. But this bill misses the mark in potentially punishing those who can, under other circumstances, help the most." 

Street Roots has done extensive coverage on Section 8 over the past three years.

In February, Street Roots wrote an in-depth report on Tina Kotek and legislation intended to remove a big impediment sometimes faced by individuals with Housing Choice vouchers, otherwise known as Section 8 vouchers.